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Pre purchase inspection dunedin

Check out our work, maybe your work will be there one day! Reece Building Consultants provide specialist construction consultancy, project management, and building surveying services.

Our aim is to deliver our services to the complete satisfaction of our clients. Our goal is to deliver projects to the complete satisfaction of our Clients.

We understand that the requirements for the delivery of each project are unique and that the ability to adapt is essential. Weathertightness issues are a key factor for any building - both old and new. Our Registered Building Surveyors can provide detailed reports on the core issues together with remediation recommendations.

Whether it be to satisfy financing conditions or for your own piece of mind, our pre-purchase inspection service provides our clients with the confidence that the property they are purchasing is a sound investment. Our services also include detailed surveys of existing property portfolios enabling our clients to manage their maintenance obligations and ensure the longevity of their assets. We understand that not all building work undertaken to your property is necessarily recorded on the Council files.

Michael and Stefan have been able to provide comprehensive pre purchase inspections at short notice which has been invaluable in a highly competitive market.

We contracted them to complete residential maintenance surveys on our properties within these reports they provide a priority maintenance summary so we can set our property maintenance for present and future years. We have used Reece Building Consultants and Stefan Box for preparing our Ministry 10 year property plans and as our school project manager. Stefan provides clear management and guidance with an attention to detail and understanding of the changing needs of schools and Ministry requirements.

He provides a responsive service, is patient and has good communication skills. Stefan liaises well with our school staff, ensuring there is clear understanding of project requirements, time frames and contractor expectations.

Stefan ensures all our school projects run smoothly and without issue. We have been working with Reece Consultants for two years and have found them to be extremely satisfactory to work with.

Used BMW - Pre-Purchase Inspection Step-by-Step - What to Know Before Purchasing

Stefan is knowledgeable, efficient, and solution focused. He is approachable, honest and extremely capable. I would not be without him! Thanks to Stefan Box for his outstanding project management at Balmacewen Intermediate. Stefan provides professional advice and support across a range of property needs and is always right on the mark in delivering excellent results!

We have worked with Stefan for a number of years on various school projects and we value our relationship with him. Stefan has always been available, responsive to requests and understanding of our school environment and needs.We will carry out an independent and unbiased visual and operating inspection. We will check the general condition of any vehicle you may be looking at buying. We will conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle to help avoid any unforeseen surprises.

A Pre Purchase Inspection is based on the external examination of components and will identify faults which exist at the time. We encourage you to learn as much as you can about the car before you buy it. The tribunal highlighted the case of a Chatham Island couple who purchased a Ford Ranger from a dealer on the mainland via a TradeMe auction — without getting it checked. On arrival it had a cracked windscreen, faulty lights and a faulty transmission. After a dispute over who actually sold the car, the couple were awarded a refund and costs — although an appeal is pending.

In his recommendations for amendments to the Motor Vehicle Sales Act, Cornwell repeated a request to extend the jurisdiction of the tribunal to cover contract based claims — this year a further six cases needed to be sent to the general Disputes Tribunal. He also called for the ability within the Consumer Guarantees Act for depreciation of a motor vehicle, through use, to be able to be recognised, noting that unlike buying a cheap appliance, in the case of a car the purchaser may have had many months of use and value before rejecting it.

Search for:. The Importance of having a Pre-Purchase Inspection. Archives November February May When buying it pays to know about the condition of the house. That is where a pre-purchase building inspection is invaluable. This guide covers why you need to get a building inspection, how to find a building inspector who will do a good job, what you should expect when you get a building inspection and more, so leap in! What is a pre-purchase building inspection? Why get a building inspection?

What does the building inspector look at? Will the building inspector spot everything? What qualifications do building inspectors need?

Are there any guidelines for building inspectors? I need to get a building inspector - How do I choose? Questions to help you find the right building inspector How much will it cost? There is a problem with the house! What are my options? How much will it cost to fix? What other types of building inspections are there?

A building inspection as a condition of sale. The building inspection takes into account that you are doing the inspection with the intention of buying the house, and the inspection focuses on details relevant to this decision.

A house is an expensive purchase and money can be tight once you move in. You could regret your decision to buy a house if faced with unexpected repair bills that weren't in your budget. A building inspection will give you information regarding existing and potential building problems. Identifying building issues before committing to the purchase means that you can choose to proceed with the purchase or pull out depending on what is discovered.

A building inspection may identify issues that even the vendor is unaware of i. Once you have committed to the purchase of the house, you do not have any leverage to get problems fixed or to re-negotiate the price. Everybody is happy! And your building inspection has more then paid for itself. What if your building inspection identifies that the house is a leaky building? Here a pre-purchase building inspection may save you many thousands of dollars. Find out more about leaky buildings here.

If you can't assess whether or not a house has problems, or whether the things you can see are minor or major, then a building inspection is your safest way forward. Experienced building inspectors can assess all those water stains, cracks, creaks and sags and determine to what level they are an issue. They can also find problems, both existing and potential, that you wouldn't necessarily spot.As a general rule we can do a Pre-Purchase Assessment on a vehicle under kg gross vehicle mass.

Specialist testing should be carried out if you have any concerns. Check the car on a nice day, when the car is clean and dry. It will be easier to notice all dents and bumps.

Current Warrant of Fitness? All vehicles must be sold with a WoF less than a month old. Noticeable dents, rust or bumps? Make sure you take the car out for at least half an hour. Listen for any clunking, screeching or other unusual noises and feel for any vibrations or shaking. There could be a problem with the engine, CV joints, suspension problems or something else. Get an independent expert to look at the car to make sure there are no nasty surprises that may come up later on.

Both assessments include a digital report that you can share with your potential buyer or seller if you want to negotiate a better price. Insurance companies charge different premiums for different vehicles.

Make sure the one you want has affordable premiums for your budget. Call a few insurance providers to ask for a quote.

Pre-Purchase Assessment. Comprehensive Assessment Get a thorough assessment. Start with a quick check Current Warrant of Fitness? Test drive it Make sure you take the car out for at least half an hour. Get an expert assessment Get an independent expert to look at the car to make sure there are no nasty surprises that may come up later on.Whether you are buying your dream home or property for investment, what you're buying is secondhand.

I t is important to know what state the property you are buying is in, so just like a secondhand car, you should have it thoroughly checked out prior to purchase, as unseen issues could cost you potentially everything. Getting a pre-purchase building inspection completed by Dunedin House Inspections; professional pre-purchase building inspectors with the appropriate experience, followed by a written report can arm you, your bank and insurance provider with the information and confidence you need to make the right decision for you, and an ability to better negotiate your sale and purchase agreement.

Getting a building report assessment completed, not only helps safeguard you and your investment but also helps to protect the vendor and the land agent. Delivery of reports by email to you and if required, your bank, lawyers or insurance providers at your written request. Provide prompt service: In a hurry? Easy to read, understand, and comprehensive. Discuss any concerns or issues you may have. This gives all parties the ability to better negotiate. Give advice on regular care for your home and things to watch out for in the future.

Safe, non-invasive. We carry the Trotec T and the Trotec T non-invasive moisture meter and use it where required. This process is included in our standard pricing. We are able to arrange Qualified Electrical Inspections as requested, on your behalf, usually at the same time as we are inspecting. Avoid unpleasant surprises.

Qualified professional property inspections and reports in Otago

We are able to obtain asbestos samples for lab testing, and are fully trained Methamphetamine Testing Agents. Fantastic advice, helpful pricing and a good idea of what is involved in the future. Thank you, commissioning this report was the best thing we did.

The practical advice and maintenance recommendations was great for helping us make a decision on the property purchase. Learn More.Buying a used car is a great way to save money. However, before you make a used car purchase, it is important to know that the vehicle is safe and is not in need of major and costly repairs.

By getting a used car inspection you can have a much stronger sense of the shape of your potential used car. A thorough check-up examines mechanical, safety, and appearance aspects, such as the vehicle's:.

The best inspections include a road test and a computerized engine analysis. Some comprehensive examinations also evaluate the condition of the instrument controls, pedals, seats, and sound system. Take the car to a trusted repair shop, if you have one.

Otherwise, most dealer service departments and independent repair shops will be happy to do the inspection.

pre purchase inspection dunedin

Just look online or through your phone book to find local shops that perform inspections. If the seller refuses to let you take the car away, suggest that the seller accompany you to the shop. Or, use a shop that provides mobile inspections. While these examinations aren't as complete as those performed on a lift, they still can be quite helpful. If you're not buying from a local seller, you can order a pre-purchase inspection from a certified inspection shop located near the seller, and the shop will send the report to you.

The price of pre-purchase car inspections will vary, and may seem a little expensive. Just remember that this extra cost can save you from buying a car that will cost you much more in repairs. A glowing report should facilitate the sale of the car, and make both the buyer and seller feel more at ease with the transaction.

A report that uncovers some minor flaws can be used as a bargaining tool to lower the price. Or, you can insist that the seller take care of the issues before you pay the asking price. A troublesome report, meanwhile, should make you reconsider the purchase, unless the seller is willing to fix all the problems, or you're adept at car repairs and the seller lowers the price accordingly.

Just because you're not a mechanic doesn't mean you shouldn't pay close attention when evaluating a used car. No one is more invested than you in finding a good car to buy, even if you bring someone along to help.

pre purchase inspection dunedin

Additionally, you should remember to check the fluid levels and search the exterior for dents, rust, and scratches. What a Used Car Inspection Should Cover A thorough check-up examines mechanical, safety, and appearance aspects, such as the vehicle's: Tires. Body condition. Exterior surface.Browse some of the most popular services available now at your local VINZ testing station. A regular inspection to ensure your vehicle meets the required safety standards to drive it on the road.

pre purchase inspection dunedin

Over a thousand business customers work with us to keep their vehicles safely on the road and their businesses moving. I was very happy with the service I received and would definitely recommend them to others. Thank you so much. And with a network of vehicle testing stations located conveniently around the country, your local VINZ is never too far away.

We have vehicle testing stations around New Zealand.

Used Car Inspection

Take your vehicle to the team you can trust. Case studies Industries we work in. Tips and advice. Appointed by the NZ Transport Agency. Featured services Browse some of the most popular services available now at your local VINZ testing station.

The Importance of having a Pre-Purchase Inspection

Learn more. Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection Obtain an independent and professional assessment of a used vehicle.

Vehicle Appraisals An independent vehicle assessment. Warrant of Fitness WoF Inspection A regular inspection to ensure your vehicle meets the required safety standards to drive it on the road. View all services. For business Over a thousand business customers work with us to keep their vehicles safely on the road and their businesses moving.

Fasttrack Automotive Compliance. Vehicle Inspection Specialists. View all our services. Careers at VINZ. Come and join our friendly team at VINZ. Find out about our current vacancies. Find your local testing station We have vehicle testing stations around New Zealand.

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